Ways to support the Indigenous workforce

Indigenous Workforce

Employment creates opportunities for every Australian – and boosting Indigenous employment is a key component in Closing the Gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. The financial security that comes with a stable place in the workforce doesn’t just lead to higher standards of living for individuals. It also improves physical and mental health and has […]

How health and safety shapes today’s labour workforce

Macforce Australia Health and Safety

Health and safety is one of the most important considerations in the mining and construction sectors, because of its power to prevent serious injuries and even death. Sadly, there were 194 fatal health and safety-related injuries in Australia during 2020 alone. The fact this is a decrease of 50% since 2007 highlights how crucial it […]

Second-chance opportunities through ex-offender recruitment

Employment Opportunities

In April MACFORCE celebrated a milestone in ex-offender recruitment, placing our 100th previously incarcerated candidate into employment! Over the past 15 years Australia’s incarcerated population has increased by 67%, with over half of all prisoners having previous imprisonment, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. At the time of release, less than one quarter of […]

Women in leadership: lifting up female peers in a male-dominated industry  

The future of women in leadership positions in Australia

Women in mining, energy and resources, and construction – not to mention women in leadership roles within these industries – come up against biases in their day to day lives.   Last year in Australia there was an estimated 19.2% of women in FIFO or DIFO roles. Of the women engaged in this industry, only a […]

Removing ex-offender’s barriers to employment 

Over coming Ex-Offender Barriers in the workplace

Unlike the average Australian who experiences barriers to employment in the way of relevant experience, ex-offender’s barriers to employment are a lot less straight forward.   To the estimated 170 ex-offenders released every day in Australia, everything from access to work, years out from the labour force and recruitment prejudice can be major setbacks to rehabilitating […]

Make a new job your resolution in 2022  

Mentor at MACFORCE Australia

‘New year, new you, new job’, right?  For 14 million Australians setting new year’s resolutions for 2022, two of the most re-occurring goals related to improving current work-life balance or finding a new job, according to Finder.   And while we find goal setting admirable, it is nothing without the measurable actions to get there.   In […]

Standing in solidarity with Indigenous Australians

Australia Day

MACFORCE Australia would like to pay respects to the past, present and emerging leaders of the land we walk. We stand in solidarity with you on this day and every other. We encourage the learnings and understanding of our country’s past and how we can make active changes to become one united nation.  January 26th […]

Growth, grit and perseverance: MACFORCE’s employment success in 2021

Finding employment success with MACFORCE Australia

For many people looking at employment success, the concept of success and winning are one and the same. In a lot of ways, they are in terms of achieving the ‘end goal’. But what about the journey? As Rocky Balboa puts it: “It isn’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can […]

Three steps to convert veteran engagement to a successful labour hire.

Converting veteran engagement into a successful labour hire

Every year in Australia, an estimated 5,550 people leave the Australian Defence Force (ADF). This largely untapped demographic often struggle to find employers who understand Veteran engagement and how to convert their skills into labour hire. For our Mobilisation Manager and resident veteran, Cody Cox, this is an issue that is close to his heart. […]

How to find your working success in mental health with MACFORCE Australia?

Finding working success in mental health

As a HR Manager, Seb Kendrew from MACFORCE Australia (MACFORCE) has seen his fair share of burnouts and breakdowns, extraordinary breakthroughs and success in mental health and wellness. When it comes to work, he shares, there comes a pivotal moment where you must take a step back and evaluate what is important to you, and […]