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In today’s hustle-bustle job scene, resumes and qualifications often hog the spotlight during hiring. Yet, it’s crucial to remember that there’s a real person behind experience and creative fonts. MACFORCE Australia’s approach is all about making hiring ‘human’ again – focusing on the whole person, not just the job history. By embracing this approach to humanising recruitment as an employment company, we foster stronger connections with candidates, which allows us to provide better candidate solutions for employers. In this piece, we’ll dig into MACFORCE’s people-first hiring strategy and how it makes a world of difference in finding the perfect employer and employee.

More Than Just Paper

The humanising recruitment process in full effect. We see a MACFORCE Australia manager interviewing a candidate.

Resumes do paint a picture of a person’s professional journey, but they barely scratch the surface of them as individuals. Humanising recruitment isn’t about ticking boxes; it’s about getting to know the person. We’ve veered away from a strict focus on qualifications to embracing the individual qualities that make each person uniquely themselves. Understanding what a candidate values in their downtime, what they are wanting to achieve in life long-term or simply their interests, hobbies and goals empowers our HR Consultants to support them more. This information dictates what employers we put them forward to or what training we’d recommend them to gain to achieve the career/life they desire.

Building Real Bonds

At the core of our humanising recruitment process is building genuine connections. We don’t just talk about job roles; we dive into a candidate’s passions, hobbies, motivations, and life stories. While skills and know-how are important, we also care about adaptability, people skills, and cultural harmony. These real conversations help us get a fuller picture of candidates, which is the kind of insight that truly matters.

No Room for Bias

Changing the way people are employed across Australia requires us to tackle those hidden biases that can sneak into hiring decisions. Sometimes, a CV can unknowingly set off stereotypes, but our method is designed to dismantle them entirely. By focusing on the individual, we steer clear of those biases and make the hiring process a level playing field – giving each candidate a fair shot to shine.

The Big Picture Assessment

Our approach to sizing up candidates is different – we’re looking at the whole picture. It’s not just skills we’re interested in.

  • Those behaviour interviews? They show us how candidates handle real-life decisions and hurdles.
  • And those personality checks? They let us see how well someone clicks with our team.

By considering all this, we get a solid grasp of the individual and can make the right choices on which employer we put them forward for.

Lasting Connections

Our humanising recruitment philosophy doesn’t stop once someone’s on board. We’re all about nurturing long-term relationships with candidates, even if they’re not the right fit for one role they may be a perfect fit for a role in the future. MACFORCE’s concierge service is a testament to this offering. We have strong relationships with a host of human-centric support services ready to listen, educate and support any MACFORCE Australia candidates needing it. We are here to help whether you are looking for work or already working.

In a Nutshell

Our humanising recruitment approach isn’t just a passing trend; it’s a fundamental shift in how we find talent. We’re not just after skills; we’re after personalities that resonate. By valuing the person behind the resume, we’re unlocking hidden potential, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and making choices that align with our long-term goals. In the ever-evolving world of hiring, we believe the human touch is the ace up our sleeve. It reminds us that there’s more to every CV – there’s a unique person with a world of potential waiting to be unleashed.


At MACFORCE Australia, we’re not just a recruitment agency – we’re a team on a mission. Our goal is to transform the employment landscape across Australia with a compassionate touch. Our dedication reaches further, encompassing guidance and assistance for crucial aspects of labour hire. We’re here to assist candidates in finding roles that suit them while helping clients discover the perfect additions to their teams. If you’re seeking a career with a company that truly values mental well-being, don’t hesitate to connect with us at  or register via our website.

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