4 Job Hacks for working with a Recruitment Company

The aim of a recruitment company is to apply job hacks that should be designed to get their candidates into a role that suits them as quickly as possible, with the goal of long-term employment. 

But, it’s not just about the recruitment company doing all the work. It’s a collaborative relationship to ensure a successful process and outcome. 

If you’re looking for a position, such as a mining job or a role within the greater booming resources or construction industry, there’s a few things to consider to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward, while also being ready to make the most of the right opportunity.   

Here are four job hacks that you need to apply in search of your ideal role:

#1 Update the resume 

Your resume is the window to who you are and what you’ve done. Always ensure your resume is up to date, even if you are currently employed; you never know when you might need it. Your resume should note your experience clearly and succinctly. It doesn’t have to be a beautiful document, but it should be clean. Ensure you ‘sell, sell, sell’ your experience. But be honest. 

You’ll often need references and their contact details. Make sure you give them the heads up that either your recruitment company or your future employer might contact them. If they’re prepared they’ll be able to help your case even more! 

#2 Keep your documents in order 

Save all your tickets and qualifications as separate documents electronically in the one folder, labelled correctly and logically. Store them on your computer, or even better, on your phone, so you can be ready for any induction or application. There’s a lot you can do from your phone these days, so if your documents are ready, you’ll be able to complete your application on the fly. 

#3 Proactive Communication

Solid communication is vital with your recruitment company and potential employer. We prefer our candidates to over communicate with us, rather than under communicating with us. Let us know everything, from whether you’re stuck in traffic on your way to an interview, can’t attend a medical, or can’t join training. People are understanding as long as you communicate well. 

#4 Ensure all contact details are up to date

Similarly to the point on communication, ensure you keep your contact details up to date – yours and your next of kin. Often our candidates are approved and get their mobilisation pack instantly. This means they might be offered the next available flight. If you can’t be reached you might be delayed, or even miss the opportunity.

At MACFORCE, we love working with our candidates to navigate the recruitment process. If you’re a candidate or client looking for recruitment support, get in touch with MACFORCE via info@macforce.com.au

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