5 things to expect from a Recruitment Company

If you’re looking for mining jobs in Australia, or other jobs within the resources, civil or hospitality industries, ensure you engage a recruitment company that has your best interests at heart to ensure a positive outcome. We know finding a new position can be an emotional, and sometimes challenging journey, so it’s important to work with a recruitment company that makes the process as smooth as possible. Here’s five things you should expect.  

#1 A recruitment company that listens  

Recruitment companies should put their people at the heart of what they do. This might include tailoring interviews with candidates to discover their background, skills, interests and goals so they can be matched with a position that suits. The recruitment process shouldn’t be a ‘tick and flick’ approach where candidates are directed to clients to fill the numbers. The focus should be on giving candidates every opportunity to find a long-term role, which is often a client’s goal too. 

#2 Wide variety of options 

The recruitment company you choose must have a wide base of clients, and the perks that comes with that, including a variety of rosters and workplace locations. This means candidates won’t need to work where they don’t want to and be closer to achieving that illusive work-life balance, which we believe is absolutely attainable. 

#3 Industry integrity  

Every recruitment company should be well informed and aligned to the industries they are recruiting for.  It’s about being on top of trends, industry news, and being able to provide candidates a mentoring service including recommendations on the training or tickets required to gain a role.

#4 Transparency 

Transparency is incredibly important in order to ensure candidates have accurate information on the current status of the industry and opportunities available. For example, if there’s vacancies or no vacancies for the roles a candidate is after – the recruiter should be transparent and let them know. It’s also about showing industry integrity and sending candidates elsewhere if the recruitment company isn’t connected with a suitable role.   

 #5 Open door policy

An open door policy is essential in the recruitment world; every person that walks through the door should be viewed in a fresh light. Recruiters shouldn’t be concerned by a candidates’ past, but rather about how they can support their future. If a candidate leaves the recruitment company, no matter the circumstances, they should always be welcomed back. 

At MACFORCE, recruitment is our passion and we’re all about supporting our candidates to find fulfilling employment, and for some, second chance opportunities. We know and understand life throws many challenges, and we are prepared to listen, support and guide our candidates on their own unique journey.   

If you’re a candidate or client looking for recruitment support, get in touch with MACFORCE via info@macforce.com.au

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