How to equip your ‘candidate toolbox’

Every potential candidate must have a toolbox of skills and character traits. When approaching work – particularly within a new position – you have to present yourself as a pre-packaged asset to your employer. 

That doesn’t mean that you go into work believing you are gracing your worksite with your presence; it is simply acknowledging your individual worth. The confidence it takes to approach work with your best foot forward is something that is often lacking in recruitment candidates. Where more often than not, the candidates either too cocky or too shy.  

Hitting the sweet spot comes with practice and is something we try to instil in all of our MACFORCE candidates. 

It is our firmest belief that if we are able to set our candidates up with the right mentality and employable skills, that they will not only be successful in the role we place them in but every role they earn after that. 

Part of this approach has been providing certainty to candidates and recognising that no two people learn or work the same way. The end result of this experience has been our ability to identify four traits that are necessary in every candidate toolbox. 

#1 – A willingness to commit 

It is pretty obvious, but when looking for work as a candidate you have to be willing to commit to your role and to the company or organisation. This means not entering your role thinking in the back of your mind: ‘If this doesn’t work out, there is always another job.’

This mentality tells us that you already have a foot out the door when you begin in a role. Like every opportunity in life, you cannot be complacent with what you are given or what you have earnt. 

To be successful as a candidate, you have to be willing to commit and care about your new employer. If you are too blasé you will not be taken seriously or be considered for further opportunities by your employer. 

#2 – Being available and reliable 

Reliability is the precondition for building trust. You develop little confidence amongst friends if you develop a reputation for being late for everything. This concept is also applicable in a professional setting. An employer would not ask a flaky employee to take on more responsibility. 

One of the things employers value is someone who is reliable. 

Part of becoming reliable is being available and setting the pretence of your work ethic. This means the little things like showing up on time, locking up or wearing your complete kit begins to create a trust between yourself as a candidate and your employer. It is this trust that will ultimately carry you from your position to the next.   

#3 – A desire to progress 

Similar to being committed to your role, you have to be committed to learn and grow. If you are not looking within the business, or ways to upskill – with things like job tickets or additional training – you are stagnant. 

There is nothing wrong with being content, but there is a difference between contentedness and complacency. 

If you feel that there is nothing more to do in your role, you are more than likely missing out on a growth opportunity to expand not only your skills but your knowledge. It is great to have aspirations

#4 – Aligned values

Beyond supporting candidates into positions, we also screen for personality and value matches.

If a role calls for work over a number of teams, we won’t send someone who is shy or does not adapt well to teams. The same goes for the values of the candidate matching with the values of the business. 

When looking for a position, you are making an investment into your future and your time, so you have to believe that the work you are doing and contributing is worthwhile. It is no use chasing down work, or a position if it does not fit you or your values. We take pride in assisting you design your candidate toolbox.

If you are looking for support to land your next job, connect with MACFORCE here.


MACFORCE Australia is a recruitment company with heart, focused on changing the way people are employed in Australia, particularly across the mining, construction and civil sector. MACFORCE supports candidates to find suitable work placements, while supporting its clients to find suitable employees.

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