Three steps to convert veteran engagement to a successful labour hire.

Every year in Australia, an estimated 5,550 people leave the Australian Defence Force (ADF). This largely untapped demographic often struggle to find employers who understand Veteran engagement and how to convert their skills into labour hire.

For our Mobilisation Manager and resident veteran, Cody Cox, this is an issue that is close to his heart.

Serving in the ADF before returning to civilian life in 2018, Cody was one of thousands of veterans who experience disengagement. Unsure how to find work that gave him the same fulfilment of his service, Cody turned to MACFORCE. A short while later, he now is one of the largest driving forces behind our veteran engagement program. 

“I believe it is the responsibility of every Australian company to do as much as they can in the support, education, and training of veterans to open more employment opportunities,” Cody said.

“MACFORCE have a very personal approach in engaging veterans, starting with an understanding that not everybody knows exactly what they want to do when they discharge from the ADF.”

“Because of this, we have a host of support services we offer to all candidates and MACFORCE Australia employees. These services range from financial education and support, mental health support, relationship and family assistance.”

Part of the struggle experienced by these Australians is the lack recognition of prior training or experience when it comes to finding work after service. Employers often are restricted to what they get on paper. Seeing a gap on a CV due to service, or a candidate’s first job at a fast-food restaurant does not always leave a lasting impression.

Because of this, time and time again we have seen quality people having their intrinsic, transferable skills from ADF service – like communication skills, problem solving, and critical thinking – being overlooked. And it is these soft skills, more often than not, that are a hot commodity currently needed in the workforce.

MACFORCE believe in access to training and opportunities to work. By connecting with veterans, we have gained an understanding and method of positioning them as the best candidates for labour hires.

Here are our three top tips to convert veteran engagement to a successful labour hire:

1# – Getting to know the candidate

It goes without saying that everyone is unique, and comes with their own set of experiences, skills and knowledge. In the case of veteran engagement, this is something that narrows the fields further.

Coming from high-adrenaline work with the sense of contributing to something greater, a job stocking shelves in civilian life isn’t going to cut it.

MACFORCE know that veteran engagement cannot be a ‘one size fits all’ solution. That is why our number one tip is to get to know your candidate.

“We understand that sometimes work isn’t the main priority in your life, and we have all kinds of support available for these moments,” Cody said.

By understanding the person, what their goals and priorities are, we can work on finding the best outcome for them.

2# – Recognising existing skills

It has been touched on earlier, but it is so important it needs to be said twice. Absence of practical experience does not mean an absence of skills.

From transferable skills that are used in a number of industries or jobs, to the physical capabilities of some veterans, MACFORCE actively engage in recognising the skills a candidate possess. In doing so, we are able to be open and upfront about the employment opportunities that are available for the unique skillset of any one candidate.  

Coupled with the introduction of networks to generate support for mental health and isolation, we have found that by recognising existing skills we can promote veteran candidates to the right employers. 

3# – Finding the right fit

Once the foundation work is down, Cody’s passion comes into play to find the ‘right fit’ for our candidates. 

“The range of clients and roles we have available allows MACFORCE to find exactly what each Veteran is looking for, whether it be short term shutdown work between ADF Reserve training or study, or more long-term options with respected companies in the industry,” Cody said.

Driving veteran engagement through labour hire is one way we have ensured continued support for all our veteran candidates. By taking the time to find the role that speaks to a candidates personality and skillset, you are more likely to achieve success and job satisfaction which is vital for veterans in particular who are transitioning back into civilian life.

If you feel that you are in need of support in finding work, as a veteran or otherwise, reach out to the labour hire company with heart. MACFORCE cannot wait to support you into employment. 


MACFORCE Australia is a recruitment company with heart, focused on changing the way people are employed in Australia, particularly across the mining, construction, and civil sector. MACFORCE supports candidates to find suitable work placements, while supporting its clients to find suitable employees.

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