Empowering Transformation through Recruitment

Empowering transformation is an outcome we all hope for in our careers and life. Since MACFORCE Australia launched around four years ago, we have met a range of diverse people who have been united over the common goals of seeking a job to either change their lives or add value to their lives.

Some of our candidates have approached us because they are in desperate need of transformation. They’re not happy with their life’s trajectory and know change is needed. As an employment broker, we’ve witnessed the good and the bad of human behaviour and have realised there’s a pattern in the many who are craving change. Some of these people have baggage from negative experiences, and whether it’s self-inflicted or not, we know it can be hard to shift.

In our view of recruiting for the resources industry, we’ve identified four tips on how people can transform their lives. This is relevant in the work we do for ex-offenders in helping them find a positive career path, but also in our work with candidates who simply want a fresh start.

Here are some key essentials when it comes to empowering transformation: 


First up, if you’re wanting to change, you need to draw that line in the sand. It’s about realising you’ve made some choices you’re not proud of and saying, “enough is enough”. It’s being extremely true to yourself and realising there is opportunity to change and making things happen and it starts with you.


Bad habits are hard to break, and it’s not about changing your life overnight – everyone has had experience doing this – how often have we tried to change our life on New Year’s Day? Big, immediate changes are rarely sustainable and are overwhelming. Consider Einstein’s quote, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results” and start taking small steps. This might mean apologising to people you’ve upset, or changing your immediate circumstances, such as where you live or the people you hang around with. Mean your apologies; “sorry” should never be a throwaway word. It’s about being genuine in acknowledging that you’ve done something wrong and you’re willing to try again. 


The hardest part of transformation is maintenance, but the most important thing is to be consistent. If you’re going to make a change, then don’t just do it for five or six days. Commit. It’s about getting out of your comfort zone and doing it. Make sure you reward yourself positively for taking these small steps.


The goal is to not fall off the wagon, but if you do, it’s important that you forgive yourself, pick yourself up and draw that line in the sand again. There’s always learnings to be taken from failing, so embrace those learnings and move on. 

At MACFORCE, we’re proud to support our candidates in finding a positive life path, and that means having an open door policy and no judgement. If you need support to get your life back on track through finding a suitable role, get in touch via info@macforce.com.au.


MACFORCE Australia is a recruitment company with heart, focused on changing the way people are employed in Australia, particularly across the mining, construction and civil sector. MACFORCE supports candidates to find suitable work placements, while supporting its clients to find suitable employees.

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