Why Engage a Recruitment Company?

A recruitment company is no doubt a helpful resource, whether you’re a candidate looking for a job in the resources or other industry, or if you are a client looking for appropriate team members. 

At MACFORCE, we see ourselves as an ‘employment broker’. Where a mortgage broker has their sights set on getting the right homeloan that is likely to get approved for the buyer, we’re focused on connecting the most appropriate candidates with the most appropriate clients to ensure the best outcomes for both. 

So, why engage a recruitment company? Let’s take a look at both perspectives; the candidate’s and the client’s.  

Three reasons why a candidate should engage a recruitment company 

#1 – We’ll navigate the path for you

Getting into a specific industry, like the mining or greater resources industry can be challenging, particularly if you’ve never set foot in the industry, or have been out of the workforce for a while. We can support you in converting your skills for a desired role, and provide you the pathway to get there. Our focus is on finding the right role for you as a human being, as well as to match your skillset and experience. This may include identifying any gaps and providing advice on how to upskill. What’s unique about MACFORCE is that if our range of clients aren’t suitable for you, we have no qualms in pointing you in the direction of other opportunities (this might involve encouraging you to apply direct to a company, or going via another recruitment company).    

#2 – Let’s help you stand out 

As the mining boom continues to ramp up, more and more people are going to be drawn to a career in the resources industry. It’s easy to be lost in the crowd and not know the right steps to take to get noticed. While we encourage all candidates to do their own research to decide where they’d like to work and what type of role they’d like, at MACFORCE, our job is to connect you with a company and role that’s going to give you the most fulfillment. Our thoughts are that most people are looking for stability and that often comes in a fulltime role. Allowing us to support your pathway to employment gives you a greater chance to secure that fulltime role, even if it comes with a few stepping stones along the way. 

#3 – Get inducted early so you’re ready to go! 

Many reputable companies require candidates to be inducted before they’re even considered for a role. We can start this process early. This means when the job is ready, and if you’re suitable, you’ll be ready to head to site. It’s important to note, through the recruitment process you won’t pay MACFORCE for our job-finding services, but there are some costs for inductions and other tickets you might need to get.

Three reasons why a client should engage a recruitment company? 

#1 – We take care of your HR and IR needs regarding labour

We become a one-stop-shop for our clients, providing them recruitment support and initially employing the candidates on their behalf (and sometimes for the duration of a contract). This means the client just needs to concentrate on what they do best, managing their project and knowing they have good, reliable staff to deliver it. 

#2 – Cashflow 

Every moment of the project management process in the resources industry is guided by budget. Often companies will begin a project and won’t be paid until the job is completed. By using a recruitment company like MACFORCE, we take care of the candidates’ wages first up under flexible payment terms with the client.  

#3 – Support as your project fluctuates 

We know how many projects in the mining, construction or resources industry fluctuate. We can help manage the process, including human resources and industrial relations best practice as the workforce is ramped up or down. If workers aren’t needed on the job anymore, we usually support them to find their next position. 

If you’re a candidate or client looking for recruitment support, get in touch with MACFORCE via info@macforce.com.au

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